The most frequently asked questions

How can I sign up/access the site?
To sign up to the Site you must first fill out the registration form, entering your data, for example email and password, and then accept the appropriate Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email, you will then need to click on the link to confirm your registration (if you do not receive the confirmation email, we advise you to check the spam box of your e-mail account).

To create your profile faster, you can register with your Google account by clicking on the "Continue with Google" button. You will only then enter the missing data.

If you are a registered user, to access our Site you must enter your login details, namely your username or email address and password. If you used Google login to register, you can use the same button to login to the site.

Why do I have to verify my email address?
To access the service, you must use a valid email address to which you frequently log in to check your messages. We conduct these checks to ensure that all our customers are verified, thus maintaining a high standard of service. Additionally, you may receive important communications from the system regarding your account or from other users in our community who interact with your profile.
Don't worry, you won't receive too many emails, only those necessary to optimize your experience.

How to verify your email address:
To verify your email address, click the link you received in the welcome email.
If you do not find the email in your inbox, we recommend checking your Spam folder. If it is not in your Spam folder either, you can request it to be resent by returning to the site and entering a different email address in the field that appears in the verification message.
This procedure can only be carried out once.

What to do if an 'invalid email address' alert appears:
If you see a message of this type, you may have mistakenly entered an incorrect address. However, you have the option to change your email address directly from the field in the warning message that appears on the site and request a new welcome email.
This procedure can only be carried out once.
For any queries or further assistance, please contact customer service at customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com .

Do I have to buy a subscription to use the service?
No, you can use the service also with the Standard Membership (FREE profile).

What is the difference between FREE Profile (Standard Membership) and Premium Profile (Full Subscription)?
The Standard Subscription (FREE Profile) allows you to register a profile for free and use the standard functionalities of the site. You can decide to add to your Standard Membership “Credits” packages to use specific Site functionalities. A Full Subscription (PREMIUM profile, against the subscription payment) allows you to access all the Premium dedicated features of the site. Paying users can send messages, view all search results, request access to all users' private photos and view them in full format, send unlimited likes and manage notifications.You can decide, in a second stage, to add to your subscription “Credits” packages.

How many times can I acquire a trial subscription (Promo)?
You can acquire a trial subscription only once.

What happens if I deactivate my Premium subscription?
Once the subscription has been deactivated, no further amounts will be charged via the payment method you have chosen. You will continue to be a premium user until the end of the paid period. You could still add Credit packages.

How many messages can I send?
The Standard Membership (Free Profile) has some Free Welcome messages. You can increase the number of messages at any time by purchasing additional credit packages. With the Full Subscription (Premium Profile) the number of messages depends on the number of credits included on the subscription plan purchased. You can increase the number of messages available at any time by purchasing additional credit packages. For more details view the "Chat" section of this FAQ.

Exiting the site
To exit the site, click on your image in the top right of the page to view the profile, then click on the "Leave" button.


What prices and subscription plans do you offer?
The types of Subscription available with automatic renewal are as follows:

  1. Promo (e.g. trial period from 1 to 7 days), then type C subscription
  2. 1 month Subscription or equivalent credit purchase
  3. 3 months Subscription or equivalent credit purchase
  4. 6 months Subscription or equivalent credit purchase

Prices and types of subscription may vary depending on current promotions. You can view more details directly in the Terms and Conditions  of the service.

How can I become a Premium user?
To become a Premium user, click on the "Become Premium" button on your profile page or click on the different promotion pages that you will be presented with while browsing. In the Subscription Section on the Site it will be possible to view the different Rate Plans on offer and proceed with the Subscription purchase.

Can I change my already-purchased subscription plan?
A subscription plan cannot be changed until it expires, as indicated in our  Terms and Conditions.

What can I do if I purchased the wrong package?
You can choose the right package for you by checking all the information regarding the amount to be paid and the automatic renewal terms that you will be given on the payment page or in the Terms and Conditions of the service. We are unable to modify the package purchased with another, as indicated in our Terms and Conditions of the service. Therefore, please read carefully the description of the package you want to buy before confirming the purchase.

How long will it take before I am charged and my account is activated?
The Premium Profile account will be activated immediately after the payment is processed. The amount will be charged after purchase.

If payment is made by credit card, the method of payment can be via a single payment for the entire amount or for a portion thereof through multiple payments until the total amount of the purchased subscription is paid off.

What happens after paying?
Once the payment is made, your registration will be updated, and your subscription period will begin. You will receive an email containing your order.

How can I see the charges on my credit card statement?
The charges for the subscription plan or other packages purchased on the Site will be visible on your credit card statement with the wording associated with the payment service provider used to collect the relative amount. The method of payment can be via a single payment for the entire amount or for a portion thereof through multiple payments until the total amount of the purchased subscription is paid off. For more details, please consult the appropriate section of the  Terms and Conditions .

Please bear in mind that sometimes the debit times shown on the statement may not coincide with the times of purchases made on the site, this discrepancy is due solely to technical reasons, related to the location of the bank's server managing the transaction.

If you encounter any kind of problem with the subscription, discrepancies with charges or seek clarifications, please contact customer care at customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com. Our operators will immediately handle your request.

To speed up the solving of problems related to your payments, before contacting your bank we invite you to contact our customer care, at  customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com.

How can I manage the card(s) registered with the Site?
You can manage your payment methods completely independently directly from your "Profile Status" page. By clicking on the "Card Management" button you can add or remove your credit cards.

We remind you that under no circumstances will our company display and store such data, as these are managed directly via a secure connection, in compliance with PCI compliant rules, by the chosen bank.

How can I keep track of payments made on the site?
For each purchase you make on the site, which is a subscription or a package of credits, a receipt will be generated with a summary of the product purchased. Receipts will always be available for viewing or downloading and stored in the Payments section of your profile until you decide to deactivate it.

To view payment receipts, you will need to:

  • Go to your Profile by clicking on your picture in the top right (or avatar if you have not entered a picture);

  • Click on the Payments section;

  • You will then see a page containing your receipts.

Do I have to introduce my credit card for every purchase in the site?
Making the first On Demand or Subscription purchase, you authorise any subsequent charges for other purchases to be made to the same credit card.

Why was my credit card not accepted?
There are many reasons why the payment may be rejected by your card issuer. The most common are:

  • Insufficient funds available.
  • Invalid card data.
  • The CVV/CVV2 number is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Your card is not enabled for online purchases

We advise you to make sure the details are correct and your card has sufficient funds. If your card is not enabled for online purchases, we advise you to add another.

What should I do if my account has not been activated?
If your account has not been activated, problems may have occurred during the payment phase. Please contact us at customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com.

How can I renew my subscription?
We use an automatic renewal policy. This means that once the subscription period has expired, for greater convenience, your Premium membership will be automatically renewed. The subscription will be renewed automatically only upon expiry of the current period and not before. If you do not want your subscription to be renewed automatically, you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time before the due date. For more information please consult our Terms and Conditions.

Accepted payment methods

Credit card payments

We use leading payment institutes to provide a secure system, and accept all credit and debit cards. To make your data as secure as possible, we do not store any card information on our servers. Once paid, your membership will be updated immediately, and your subscription period will begin. Access to all the features included in your subscription plan is confirmation that we have received the payment (or a part thereof)

You can also use alternative payment methods, which you will find in the Terms and Conditions.


What happens once my subscription is deactivated?
Once the Premium subscription is deactivated, you will no longer be charged. You will be able to use all the features reserved for premium users until the paid subscription period expires. You could still add Credit packages.

How can I deactivate my subscription?
If you deactivate your subscription, you will still be able to use the subscription already paid for. You will simply block any renewal (depending on the type of subscription purchased).

You can deactivate the service subscription directly from your profile:

  • Click on your image in the top right of any page on the Site
  • Click on the "Profile Status" button
  • Follow the instructions to complete the deactivation.

For more information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

How can I also deactivate my profile?
We remind you that by deactivating the profile, all your photos and personal information uploaded to the site will no longer be available to other users, and you will not be able to use the contacts present on the Site.

If you decide to deactivate your profile, follow the steps below:

  • Click on your image in the top right of any page on the Site
  • Click on the "Profile Status" button
  • Follow the instructions to complete the profile deactivation.

Once the profile has been deactivated, it cannot be re-activated.


How can I add photos to my profile?
To add new personal photos to your profile, click on the image in the top right of each page of the Site and then on "Manage Photos". Click on the button to add the photo, choosing the photo directly from the gallery or taking a new photo.

How can I change the profile photo?
From the section "Manage Photos" you can change the photo to associate with your profile using the button on the left. We remind you that only users who have uploaded their own photo as a profile picture will be visible in the search results.

What is the difference between public and private photos?
You can upload your photos to one of two sections. The photos uploaded to the "Public" section are those visible to all users. The photos uploaded to the "Private" section are visible only to users that seek and are granted relative access.

What size should my photo be?
You can easily upload multiple photos to the profile, whatever their format. We remind you that images must not be smaller than 1080 pixels or larger than 10mb in size. Images larger or smaller than the above, and blurred photos, may be automatically rejected.

Why was my photo rejected?
If a photo does not meet the following requirements it will be automatically rejected by our automated management systems.
You should not:

  • Publish photos smaller than 1080 pixels and larger than 10mb;
  • Publish images of children/celebrities/brands/animals;
  • Upload group photos;
  • Publish contact information in the images;
  • Publish "artistic" photos, clip-art images, landscape photos, etc.
  • Upload photos protected by rights and copyrights;
  • Upload Adult-content photos.

How can I delete a photo?
To delete personal photos uploaded to the profile, click on your image in the top right of each page of the Site and then on "Manage Photos". From this section, delete photos by clicking on the appropriate icon. We remind you that the photo that has been chosen as the profile image cannot be deleted. If you want to change it you can set another photo by choosing it from the images already uploaded to the site or uploading a new one.

What technical problems can occur when uploading a photo?
Problems occurring while uploading photos may be due to:
- Inadequate photo size and/or format. You can easily upload images in the following formats: jpeg, png. The size limits applied are: not less than 1080 pixels and not more than 10mb;
- Your Internet browser does not work properly. Check your Internet connection and make sure you are using the latest browser version, or try using a different one.
- The camera or gallery apps do not have permission to upload photos to the site. If you use an Android device simply authorise the apps by going to settings, choosing "apps" from the menu, choosing the browser you are using from the various apps. Click on the "authorisations" item and then authorise the camera and memory. If you are using an Iphone device, to authorise the app simply click on settings, search for the browser you are using and authorise it to access the photos. If you are using a device other than those mentioned or something is not clear in the guide, you can contact customer care at customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com to get more information or technical support.


How can I change the information in my Profile?
Your profile provides additional information about you to help you find partners more easily.

Click on your image in the top right of the page and then on "Edit Profile" to add your personal information, such as:

  • Username: name with which you are visible to other users;
  • City: where you will be visible to other users;
  • Personal details about your appearance, education, etc.;
  • Something about me: open section where you can write a small personal presentation.

How can I change my password?
If you want to change your password:

Click on your image in the top right of any page on the Site and then on "Change Password";

Enter the current password and the new one, confirm your new password in the "Repeat Password" field and click on the "Change Password" button.

How can I retrieve my password?
On the homepage of the Site, click on the "Login" button and under the login fields click on the "Forgotten your password?" Enter the email address you used to sign up. You will receive an email box with the procedure used to reset and set a new password.

If you do not receive the e-mail containing the information to retrive the password, we advise you to check the spam box of your e-mail account, to make sure it has not ended up as spam. If it has ended up in the spam box, please click on the email received and mark it as NOT spam, so that any further communications from the Site do not end up in the wrong inbox.

If you are still having problems changing your password, contact customer care by sending an email to  customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com, an operator will handle your request for assistance.


Radar Section

From here you can have an overview of all the user profiles near you and a summary of the main profiling information, including photo previews. By scrolling down the page other profiles will gradually appear. You can choose to view more details of a profile that has particularly impressed you by clicking on the preview, giving you access to the user's personal page.

Matches section

In the "Matches" section you will be offered photos of users near you and be given the opportunity to express your preferences based on the initial impact of the photo. You will be able to choose whether to put a like by clicking on the heart icon and notifying your interest to the user, or clicking on the "x" icon, preventing that profile from being replayed in the future. If you wish to contact that user right away, just click on the messaging icon.

How do you get a match?
A match is a mutual like between two users. If you express a preference about a user, and that user expresses a preference about you, you will see in the notifications section the mutual match and compatibility of your profiles.

How can I change user search criteria to find profiles that are more akin to me?
You can decide to fine-tune your profile search by clicking on the search settings on both the "Radar" and "Matches" pages. You can change for example the age range, area etc.


How do I send a chat message to a user?
You can contact a user by sending him/her a message via different Site pages.
1. From the "Radar" page: click on the "chat" icon in the preview of a user's profile. Type your message in the corresponding field and click on "Send";
2. From the profile of the person you like: click on the "Chat" button and type in your message;
3. Click on the chat icon in the menu bar: you will see active chats, and be able to manage them, replying or deleting them.

How can I tell if I have a new message to read?
If you receive a new message you will see a red dot on the chat icon.

How many messages can I send?
The Standard Membership (Free Profile) has some Free Welcome messages. You can increase the number of messages at any time by purchasing additional credit packages. With the Full Subscription (Premium Profile) the number of messages depends on the number of credits included on the subscription plan purchased. To send messages it is necessary to have available credits. Always check at the top of the Site marked by the token icon to see the credits available to you.

What are credits and how do they work?
Credits give you the chance to send more messages in the chat section, and thus to be more active. From the On-Demand Section it will be possible to view the different purchasable offers of packages of credits. If you decide to purchase an additional package of credits, the increase will be visible at the top of the site marked by the token icon. You can check your credit position from all Site pages. The corresponding number of credits will go down as they are consumed.

How can I purchase a credit package?
As a user with the Standard Membership (FREE profile) or with the Full Subscription (PREMIUM profile) you can buy a package of credits at any time by clicking on the top of the Site marked by the token icon and selecting one of the credit packages based on your needs.

We remind you that only the User with the Full Subscription (PREMIUM profile) every first log in of the day, will receive a number of gifted credits.

The User with the Standard Membership (FREE profile), every daily first log in and only for a limited period, will receive a number of gifted credits.

Do the Credits expire?
You can use your credits throughout the membership period. Credits not used during the period of validity of the profile will be lost, and are not cumulable, transferable or refundable.

The gift credits received with the first daily log in will expire at the end of the day.

How long are my messages kept?
All messages are kept in your history. For technical reasons, however, and to make the chat smoother and more usable, after a certain number of days older messages may be historicised, especially in chats having a large number of messages. This is to allow better and more efficient chat use.

How can I view the profile of the user I'm chatting with?
To view the profile of a user you are chatting with, simply click on the username that appears in the chat window.

How can I delete chats?
To delete chats, simply click on the "x" symbol next to the chat you wish to delete.


From the "Favourites" page you can view the users marked as your favourites in order to find them more easily on the Site.

How can I add/remove a user from the "favourites" list?
In a user's profile next to his/her name you will find a star icon; by clicking on it you will mark that user as "Favourite". The star will light up to show that your preference has been saved. To remove a user from the list of favourites, simply click on the star icon again; once it is turned off, the user has been removed from the favourites.


The Notifications Page is organised in such a way that all activities of other users in your profile can easily be seen, and you can keep track of them without losing an important notification. Here you can see and manage various requests, such as:

  • who has visited your profile
  • likes received
  • matches with other users
  • requests to access your private photos


If you wish to request a refund, you must send an email with your request directly to customer care at customercare.uk@hotdatingmatch.com.
Once submitted, the request will be handled by our operators, carrying out relative checks and replying via email.
Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name
  • The date/sum of the transaction
  • The last four digits of the credit or debit card used
  • The expiry date
  • The name of the website
  • The e-mail address associated with your account
  • Reason for the request

This information is essential to allow our operators to process your request as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind, before making a refund request, that no refunds are permitted for credit package purchases.


Advice on secure online meetings
We strive to make online dating a fun experience for all our members. We strive to provide a high level of privacy and security on our website. Although you can trust the overwhelming majority of people, you must always be aware of the possible online presence of fraudsters, liars and scammers. There have been cases where online dating services have been used for improper purposes. For example, some users sign up for the Site, but they are not actually looking for partners. They use your personal data to send unwanted advertising or ask for money (actions known as "scams" or fraud). To protect you from unwanted contacts, we have compiled a list of suggestions to help you stay safe.
Trust your instinct. If at any time you feel insecure or uncomfortable, for your safety and protection, keep your distance. Beware of those who seem too good or perfect to be true. Start communicating with other users exclusively through this dating site, pay attention to any strange behaviour or inconsistencies in their profile, conversations or actions. The person on the other end may not be who or what he/she claims to be.
Do not provide personal information too soon. Never provide your first name, surname, home address, phone number or other sensitive personal information if you do not know who you are dealing with. This Site works using a chat system in which none of your personal information online will be made available to other members. Use only our internal messaging system; take your time to get to know people better and develop a relationship of trust.
Be careful. Some take advantage of people looking for fun by sending them a friend request and trying to get information through illegal advertising or redirecting them to other paid sites, or making requests for credit card data or cash.

Sharing your computer with other people
Make sure no one else can access your personal e-mail messages and obtain access data to our Sites. This is the only way your profile could be read by other people. If you use a public computer, we strongly advise you to follow these rules:
Exit our site (click on "Leave") and any mail account or provider before leaving the workplace or public computer. Use "Incognito" mode (private browsing). While browsing incognito, the web pages you open and the files you download will not be recorded in the browsing and download histories. After closing all the incognito windows you have opened, all cookies will be deleted. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to access the browser's "Incognito" mode:

Mozilla Firefox - Ctrl + Shift + P
Opera - Ctrl + Shift + N
Google Chrome - Ctrl + Shift + N
Remember that browsing history and information about your account are stored in browser cookies. We recommend you delete all cookies after browsing the site.


How to successfully meet other singles
There is no secret to succeeding with online dating: you just have to be yourself, be active, send likes to members you like, send messages and chat with like-minded people. We advise you to add new photographs regularly, update your profile details frequently, use instant messaging features, access the site as often as possible and try to get to know as many members as possible. The most important thing is to be honest, positive and patient in everything you do on the site.


How do I log in to my profile via a mobile device?
Simply connect from your device to www.hotdatingmatch.com, enter your login details and voilà: HotDatingMatch is now available in the palm of your hand! Once you access the HotDatingMatch mobile site, you can take advantage of all the features available in the web version. What is more, you can access HotDatingMatch’s mobile site using the same login information as the web version of the Site.

Do I need to register again to use the service on a mobile device?
No, it is not necessary to register again. You can use the same login information as you use for the HotDatingMatch website: you don't need to create another account.

Can I use all the features on the mobile site too?
Yes, of course. You can use all the features of the website on your mobile too whenever you want. All you have to do is type in www.hotdatingmatch.com in your browser's address bar.

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